Prayers to Share with Your Family

In this day and age, when information is widely available to us, there are often new and thrilling things that we share with others. It may be related to real-life events, films, sports or fashion. The world of glamour excites us and we do not hesitate to pass on minute details to our family, friends or acquaintances.

But where do we stand on matters of spirituality and prayer? Perhaps we long to discuss various spiritual topics with our close ones. Or even spend some moments in family prayer and worship with our Lord. Can we say we have done enough to empower our family spiritually?

My Favourite Passage from The Bible and Why?

My favourite passage from the Bible never changes - it tells of the story of how the courageous small boy named David killed Goliath, the giant. This passage is found in the seventeenth chapter of the first book of Samuel. When this story is told to children, they are left in awe of what David could do.

3 Ways to Encourage your Children to Attend Church

Many Kids, just like many of us, are hilarious when it comes to doing certain things. They won't do a thing if they do not feel like doing it or even if they think they should not do it. Many parents force their children to do many things including washing their clothes, waking up to go to school, eat their dinner or breakfast;